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Badge System Developer


Our badge system developer is Concentric Sky, makers of Badgr.

Wayne Skipperwayne_skipper_1.large

Wayne’s background spans the technology gamut – from hardware design to software architecture. He’s passionate about education and emerging technologies. A voracious learner from a young age, Wayne has spent many years pioneering the cutting edges of technology. As Founder of Concentric Sky, Wayne leads a team of hand-picked professionals developing a wide range software products with a focus on Open Education technologies.

Nate Ottonate_otto_1.large

Nate Otto is Director of Open Badges at Concentric Sky, where he leads development of the Badgr issuer and badge management platform. He also serves as Director of the Badge Alliance, the global standards body and community hub for the Open Badges specification. He has been involved in the Open Badges community since before version 1.0 as a developer, researcher, and advocate.

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