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Davis, K. & Bell, A. (2016, June). Co-designing a digital badge system: Supporting learners’ science identities through participatory design. In P. Bell (Chair), Researchers and practitioners co-designing for expansive science learning and educational equity. Paper symposium conducted at the 12th International Conference of the Learning Sciences, Singapore.



AERA poster_Spring 2016_Bell Davis, K. & Bell, A. (2016, April). Designing digital badges with and for users: A collaborative design approach. In T. Horstman, C. Gamrat, & K. Davis (Chairs), Democratizing learning through digital badges: Theoret
ical and analytical frameworks to advance design and research.
Structured poster session conducted at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Washington, DC.



Poster - Digital Badges for STEM EducationBell, A. & Davis, K. (2015, November). Digital badges for STEM education. Poster presented at the annual University of Washington Information School Research Fair, Seattle, WA.

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